Wednesday, September 26, 2018


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Welcome to the third episode of the NYCPlaywrights Podcast, "O CANADA"

  1. Escape to Canada: 00:00 
  2. Adam Susser asks Americans if they know who Justin Trudeau is : 01:12 
  3. I discover Justin Trudeau: 2:24 
  4. Brooke Johnson on Pierre Trudeau and TRUDEAU STORIES: 3:45 
  5. A scandal in Canada: 10:47 
  6. Alexis Diamond, translator, playwright, producer in Montreal: 12:59 
  7. Quebecois playwright Claude Montminy interview & FRANCONIA monologue in French & English performed by Constance Cooper: 25:05 
  8. Selected monologue CONTES DU CAMP CANADIAN by Vivian Lermond, performed by Bruce Barton & interview with Vivian: 35:04
  9. Composer Doug Price on working with Jeanine Tesori & the Canadian ghost town musical: 45:39
  10. Michael Rubinoff on creating his show COME FROM AWAY & kissing a fish: 51:27
  11. Canadian playwrights recommended by Doug Price, Alexis Diamond & Claude Montminy: 1:02:56
  12. Call for submissions for the next podcast: 1:03:36
  13. Thanks to Starra, Bruce, Constance, Doug, Alexis, Claude, Brooke, Vivian, Michael & Adam:  1:05:32
  14. Sarah Jeanne Ziegler's full version of "O Canada": 1:06:22



    Tuesday, September 25, 2018

    Playwrights Podcast #4: The Supernatural

    The next NYCPlaywrights Podcast will be around the theme of The Supernatural in honor of Halloween.

    These are the submission rules:
    • The deadline is Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST.
    • There is no fee for submission 
    • The script must have something to do with the supernatural
    • The submission can be one monologue or one ten-minute play or a ten-minute excerpt from a larger work.
    • The monologue can only be one page long. 
    • The ten-minute play or ten-minute excerpt cannot be longer than 10 pages.
    • The submission should be sent by email, with the script itself as a file attached to the email as a PDF file.
    • Send the script to
    • All rights will remain with the playwright. 
    • Only one submission per playwright.
    • The script must be submitted by the author of the script, no agents or others may submit. 
    • Make sure you have your name and your email address on the script. 
    • The monologue or play may be submitted by any writer in the world but must be in English
    • It's OK if the play or monologue has been produced before. But not published.
    • The NYCPlaywrights decisions are final.
    • We will notify submitters of the decisions and announce the winning monologue and/or play on the NYCPlaywrights web site by Sunday October 7.
    • A recording of the play will be included in the next NYCPlaywrights Podcast.
    • If you have any questions write to us at

    Thursday, September 20, 2018


    The third episode CANADA of the NYCPlaywrights Podcast will be here soon. There's so much content it's taking longer than we anticipated to do all the editing. But soon!

    Until then, enjoy Jon Oliver's thoughts on the 2015 Canadian election.

    Saturday, September 15, 2018

    The third podcast, O CANADA, will be posted early this week

    The third episode of the NYCPlaywrights Podcast will be posted Monday or Tuesday of this week. It's packed with Canadian theater people including Michael Rubinoff, the originator of COME FROM AWAY as well as performances and fun facts about our giant friendly neighbor to the north.

    For instance - did you know that marijuana will be legal throughout the entire country as of October 17, 2018?

    Although things are already getting a little crazy in Canada as Stephen Colbert reports here:

    Sunday, September 9, 2018

    Selection for the next Podcast: CONTES DU CAMP CANADIEN by Vivian Lermond

    We received many good pieces for the NYCPlaywrights Podcast call for submissions on the theme of CANADA and the piece selected to be recorded for the next podcast episode is a monologue, CONTES DU CAMP CANADIEN by Vivian Lermond. You can hear it in the upcoming podcast scheduled for Sunday September 16, 2018.

    You can learn more about Vivian and her work - an interview with Vivian will be included in the Podcast.

    Thanks to all who submitted good work - we hope you will submit work for future podcast calls for submissions.