Thursday, January 17, 2019

Episode 6: Rants & Raves

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Welcome to the latest episode of the NYCPlaywrights Podcast, "RANTS AND RAVES"

  1. I'm Just Wild About Harry 0:00
  2. CASHIER by Meny Beriro performed by Winn LaRue: 02:44 
  3. I LOST IT AT THE DMV by Connie Schindwolf performed by Alexander Pineiro: 07:46,
  4. CHARLOTTE by Glenn Alterman performed by Victoria Alexis Williams: 13:57
  5. Lin-Manuel Miranda to the Rescue: 19:52
  6. How to Write a Good 10-minute Play: ALMOST WATERSHEDS by Micharne Cloughley performed by Colleen McGloin, Chris Palmieri and Kate Armstrong Ross: 25:38
  7. Call for Submissions: 33:45
  8. Thanks: 40:21
  9. Wow Wow Wow Fellas ~ Carol Channing: 40:45

                LINKS FOR THIS PODCAST

                10-minute romantic comedies wanted for the next episode TAKE BACK THE ROM COM

                The theme for the next NYCPlaywrights Podcast is "romantic comedy."
                • The play must be romantic in the sense of romantic love - not only sex.
                • The play doesn't have to be uproariously funny to be a romantic comedy but must have a happy ending - or at least not a downbeat or cynical ending.
                • Romantic comedies involving couples who are not heterosexual are welcome.
                • The Podcast pays actors for their performances - having many characters will count against your play due to the expense. And 10-minute plays usually work best with fewer characters.

                These are the submission rules:
                • The deadline is Sunday, January 27, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST.
                • There is no fee for submission 
                • The script must be a romantic comedy.
                • The play can be no longer than ten pages (not counting title, list of characters etc.)
                • Only one submission per playwright.
                • The submission should be sent by email, with the script itself as a file attached to the email as a PDF file.
                • Send the script to
                • All rights will remain with the playwright.
                • The script must be submitted by the author of the script, no agents or others may submit. 
                • Make sure you have your name and your email address on the script. 
                • The play may be submitted by any writer in the world but must be in English - non English phrases or words are fine but please include English translation.
                • It's OK if the play has been produced before. But not published.
                • The NYCPlaywrights decision is final.
                • We will notify submitters of the decision and announce the winning play on the NYCPlaywrights Podcast web site by Sunday February 3, 2018.
                • A recording of the selected play will be included in the next NYCPlaywrights Podcast.

                We did a staged readings of eight romantic comedies in 2015 for a previous "Take Back the Rom Com" - you can see the web page for that here.

                We recommend you listen to a podcast episode before submitting - especially to the segment in the "Rants and Raves" podcast where we talk about what makes a ten-minute play good.

                If you have any questions write to us at